EP13: How to Stay Organic and Fresh While Still Reaching Benchmark Goals


In this episode of #TheRevolutionaries, Anna Triber talks about how trends in the digital world are changing PR landscape. She explains how now more than ever strategy and creativity will result in fresh, organic ideas

EP12: How This Digital-Only Sports Network Is Bringing Fans Sports Content In Real Time


In this episode of #TheRevolutionaries, Director of Marketing at 120 Sports, Emidgdio Gamboa explains how the sports media industry is benefitting from social media and the changes in communication

EP11: Running Social Media for Victoria Secret, a Millennial’s dream career


In this episode of #TheRevolutionaries, social media and digital communications expert, Anna Schilawski, talks about finding creative ways to capture consumers’ attention with the help of social media

EP9: Kendall Jenner and Vogue: How to Achieve What is Deemed “Impossible”


In episode nine of #TheRevolutionaries, Fallon Ryan explains the importance of being aggressive with what you want to achieve and never taking no for an answer. Her passion and hustle has allowed her to land placements for Lana Jewelry in magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour.

EP8: Smashing Through Cultural Boundaries and Into the Future

In this video of #TheRevolutionaries, Ozzie Godinez CEO of Paco Collective, talks about the importance of diversity in the workplace and how it is essential to the success of a business now more than ever.


EP7: Expert Takes: The Future of Content and Storytelling

In this video, industry leaders share tips on staying relevant and how to adjust to the future of storytelling.

Featured expterts include:

  • Afua Owusu, WGN Morning News
  • Roger Germann, Shedd Aquarium
  • Steven Dyme, Flowers for Dreams
  • Erica Kane, Reserve
  • Andrew Barber, Fake Shore Drive
  • Brook Jay, All Terrain
  • Anna Treiber, Henson Consulting



EP 6: UBER Founders Drive Dining to the Future with RESERVE

Erica Kane, General Manager for Reserve Chicago, speaks on her experiences with partnering with Uber Founders and on the impact of social media, especially in the restaurant industry. Watch the video to learn more about how social media is not only changing the way we communicate, but the way eat as well. 



EP5: Ad Exec Discusses How a Gift Box on United Flights Created $7M in Revenue


Brook Jay, Co-Founder of All-Terrain Inc., on how brands and consumers interact, in episode five of the Revolutionaries. Watch the video to discover how a gift box lead to one of Vegas’s biggest ad campaigns.

EP4: How Street Journalism and Social Media are Changing the News Business

In this video from Entrepreneur Network partner, C1 Revolution, Afua Owusu, supervising producer of WGN, discusses the power of knowledge and social media’s influence on television news.

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